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Into The World


Do you have days when ‘life’ does not seem to go like you wanted it to, days when unplanned interruptions can disrupt your whole day? Contrary to some people’s ideas, missionaries have days like that too. That is why the missions emphasis at Christ Community Church is trying to discover creative and practical ways of caring for the missionaries and local ministries of which our church provides financial support.

Reaching The World In The Name Of Christ

Each Missions Committee member becomes a contact person with two of the missionaries or ministries our church supports. Regular contact helps us better understand the challenges and blessings of each ministry, and gives us specific ways the committee and church members can pray for a missionary or ministry.
Some Christ Community Church members have also volunteered to ‘adopt’ a missionary family so they can acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and other special occasions with those on the field.

In short, our Missions Committee is exploring more and better ways to care for our missionaries in addition to contributing toward their financial support.
Our church also encourages member participation in various ministries outside the church whenever possible. Several of our members have worked with additional local and overseas ministries.

This spring it was exciting to host a missions fair showcasing the missionaries and ministries we sponsor, as well as highlighting other ministries where our members serve.

Christ Community Church currently helps support these local ministries:

Women’s Pregnancy Center, Helping Hands, Interfaith, Good News Club, Covenant Children’s Home, and ITEC.